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Re: Random Thoughts Thread

 by Demeter ¦  Thu Oct 12, 2017 11:59 pm ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Random Thoughts Thread ¦  Replies: 1614 ¦  Views: 83214

This guy in my class is super sweet. He's driven me to my car twice now and tonight he waited for me after class just to do that, to protect me from danger. That doesn't mean he's interested in me though does it? He's cute and smart but he's definitely a meat eater so it wouldn't work unless I got h...

Re: Demeter...

 by Demeter ¦  Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:15 pm ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Demeter... ¦  Replies: 19 ¦  Views: 401

I instantly regretted googling "saggy tits", but once I started looking for it I was committed.

Re: Demeter...

 by Demeter ¦  Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:11 pm ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Demeter... ¦  Replies: 19 ¦  Views: 401

https://i.imgur.com/dpY7dMq.jpg Confirmed. And that's probably because my nipples and tits don't point to the ground unless I'm leaning over. Thanks. Added in 2 minutes 33 seconds: Glad she's finally making Chaturbate tokens like I've been telling her to do for a long time.. Wait, we didn't already...

Re: Random Thoughts Thread

 by Demeter ¦  Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:01 pm ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Random Thoughts Thread ¦  Replies: 1614 ¦  Views: 83214

Dang I kinda feel bad for outing Kumacho. He seems like a good guy deep down. Oh well. At least I'm not getting spam negged anymore. (Inb4 I get spam negged again by another alt.) That was almost slightly annoying. Don't feel sorry for me. I can always make another alt. You on the other hand, will ...

Re: Random Thoughts Thread

 by Demeter ¦  Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:55 am ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Random Thoughts Thread ¦  Replies: 1614 ¦  Views: 83214

I'm meeting the vegan man on Friday. I'm both nervous and indifferent. What if he wants sex? I don't know if I can turn down a vegan man, but I also don't want sex until I have feelings for him. Even if I like him, having sex on the first date might just spoil my view of him because I wouldn't be in...

Re: Hunters.

 by Demeter ¦  Wed Oct 11, 2017 9:07 pm ¦  Forum: Pictures ¦  Topic: Hunters. ¦  Replies: 16 ¦  Views: 860

I was not trying to be like that and you know it. WTF is wrong! If feeding your family is so wrong to you then im sorry. You're new here so I'll be nice. Hunting is retarded and disgusting. You're eating the dismembered flesh of an animal. You killed it before its time, so you could eat something t...

Re: Hunters.

 by Demeter ¦  Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:49 pm ¦  Forum: Pictures ¦  Topic: Hunters. ¦  Replies: 16 ¦  Views: 860

A hunter who is also sexist. Why am I not surprised?

Re: Demeter...

 by Demeter ¦  Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:33 pm ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Demeter... ¦  Replies: 19 ¦  Views: 401

Are you afraid it will melt your heart?

Re: Demeter...

 by Demeter ¦  Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:27 pm ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Demeter... ¦  Replies: 19 ¦  Views: 401

If anyone would like to see my actual bare tits, come to tinychat: https://tinychat.com/room/ebaumsforum

Re: Hunters.

 by Demeter ¦  Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:20 pm ¦  Forum: Pictures ¦  Topic: Hunters. ¦  Replies: 16 ¦  Views: 860

Yes, there are a lot of retards here.

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