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Re: Alex Jones

 by SkeetDixon ¦  Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:41 pm ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Alex Jones ¦  Replies: 23 ¦  Views: 334

Remember when people believed The Blair Witch Project? :roll: Box office: Domestic: $140,539,099 56.5% + Foreign: $108,100,000 43.5% That;s $425M today. Added in 1 minute 18 seconds: OOOOPs, I typo'd. *rustled* Remember at the end when the girl was looking at the corner of the room? Still haunts me...

Re: Starbucks is closing down.

 by SkeetDixon ¦  Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:35 pm ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Starbucks is closing down. ¦  Replies: 70 ¦  Views: 1164

That's one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is that no one should get arrested for going to a shitty cafe and not ordering something right away. You virtue-signaling there, pal? They were arrested because they wouldn't leave. You really think a White person has never been asked to...

Re: Starbucks is closing down.

 by SkeetDixon ¦  Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:01 pm ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Starbucks is closing down. ¦  Replies: 70 ¦  Views: 1164

I love it. Blacks are gonna rule the roost out there now. :D

Those Liberal fag employees will have to take those Chimp-outs on the chin. :lol:

Closed at noon for diversity training. :)

Re: Starbucks is closing down.

 by SkeetDixon ¦  Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:53 pm ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Starbucks is closing down. ¦  Replies: 70 ¦  Views: 1164

That's hilarious. :lol: Those Cucks are willing to miss out on that much profit in order to kowtow to these Marxist, entitled Blacks....... The employees still get paid? That's senseless to punish them. Those Jew owners are probably dying on the inside from giving away Shekels to appease the darkies...

Re: Fly Southwest

 by SkeetDixon ¦  Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:50 pm ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Fly Southwest ¦  Replies: 30 ¦  Views: 344

Yikes. I haven't seen a prolapse like that since Joe posted in the PYP thread.

When I initially heard about this, I thought the girl got completely sucked out of the plane and died.

Re: Dark Skin = Negro Trait

 by SkeetDixon ¦  Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:15 am ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Dark Skin = Negro Trait ¦  Replies: 10 ¦  Views: 320

This is pretty common behavior for Asians. There not sure if there White or Black. You could probably find Pastorx wearing a throwback hat and dancing like this on any given weekend.

Re: I'm going to rape you.

 by SkeetDixon ¦  Tue Apr 17, 2018 5:13 am ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: I'm going to rape you. ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 144

*Calls social services for Slutina*

Re: When Blacks Get Something Fo Free

 by SkeetDixon ¦  Mon Apr 16, 2018 7:55 pm ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: When Blacks Get Something Fo Free ¦  Replies: 5 ¦  Views: 216

Came for the gibs. Stayed for the stereotypical sucker punch and general lack of civility.

Re: Weather got you Cucked?

 by SkeetDixon ¦  Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:10 pm ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Weather got you Cucked? ¦  Replies: 20 ¦  Views: 390

I don't play video games. I work a lot and take care of my family. I also live. I stay informed but I've learned a long time ago that the paranoid doom and gloom entertainment medias are just that. Time to grow up, stay informed but stay away from the paranoid cock sucker lifestyle. It's just not h...

Re: Number Nobody : the overlooked heros of hockey

 by SkeetDixon ¦  Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:34 am ¦  Forum: The Swamp ¦  Topic: Number Nobody : the overlooked heros of hockey ¦  Replies: 11 ¦  Views: 237

Ray Bourque is a Patriot.

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