• Are there any good shows on Netflix?????

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The official home of shit-posting, cuck-calling, and dumbfucking.
 #174877  by Hakik
 Sat May 30, 2020 11:04 pm
Stranger Things looked like some dumb Disney kids show to me. No thanks. But my ex girlfriend cucked me into watching it. I didn't understand what happened in the first episode because we fucked during it.

But after I watched the following episodes I really got into it. Despite the main characters being mostly kids, it wasn't that bad at all. It's a quality sci-fi/thriller.
 #175020  by SkeetDixon
 Tue Jun 02, 2020 10:14 pm
I'll say, "Stranger Things" is a pleasant surprise. This is the first Netflix original I've seen that was not virulently anti-White. Most of their shows are anti-White propaganda framed around TV show. There is usually poor story-telling as it is not the primary focus.

This show doesn't have any of that. It's mostly White folks and a few token Blacks. The diversity is not forced down your throat like it usually is. The gay agenda is not forced either which was really surprising. I can guarantee those things are coming down the pike in following seasons. Perhaps there is a long-term strategy to get viewers hooked before dropping the hardcore anti-White and degenerate propaganda. I'll enjoy it for now though.

That one kid looks a bit funky. He reminds me of that weird looking girl in "Hereditary".



Also, I didn't know Elliot Roger was in the show. :shock:


That guy is clearly Asian. Why are they trying to pass him off as White. :lol:

The show good use a bit more gore but so far so good. :)
 #175361  by SkeetDixon
 Wed Jun 10, 2020 10:42 pm
Stranger Things was getting bad anyway, but now the kids are all going through puberty and no longer cute anymore. It's all cringey relationships now.

The dorky kid that didn't have teeth grew teeth in the 2nd season. Now in the 3rd season he doesn't have teeth again. :shock:
 #175578  by SkeetDixon
 Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:09 pm
Watching Brozarks now.

It's a pretty good so far. It take a pretty big bite in the first episode. It's pretty accurate as far as the brozarks but a bit exaggerated. There's a lot of dumb dumbs in Missouri, but at least they aren't self-hating Libtards. ;)

Good show so far. :)

Added in 51 minutes 1 second:
Ughh yuck.....

Classic forced homosexuality. They make the FBI agents twinks dating each other. So unnecessary. Just had to sneak a gay blow job in there. The FBI agent has to be sadistic twink. :x

Fucking Netflix.
 #175774  by SkeetDixon
 Wed Jun 24, 2020 10:17 pm
Brozarks turned into a real stinker.

It's pretty boring now. The dramatic parts are not interesting and the characters are not believable.

The Missouri family is so over the top. The Darlene character is ridiculous and stupid. The husband has a Louisiana accent like he's down in the Bayou.

The Ruth girl is always trying to bite her upper lip like she's an old lady. Too much.... Same with the dad.

They killed off the better characters to keep around worse ones. The best character by far was the old guy.

Gonna need a new show. :(

What are the good shows? :)
 #175852  by almostapathetic
 Sat Jun 27, 2020 7:28 pm
Is Longmire any good? Might watch the first ep right now. I know there's gonna be some Native American bitching and moaning, but if anyone has the right to bitch and moan because of the white man, it's the injuns.

So is Longmire worth following through with?