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  • This is no safe-space, snowflake.
This is no safe-space, snowflake.
 #47919  by Tom_Selleck
 Mon May 01, 2017 12:45 pm
Say you have a fatal disease that only gives you 6 months to live and you wanna spend those 6 months getting to know her before you die. Each time you see her cut pieces of you her off before you see her for better effect. This way you get sympathy sex, she won't look down on you, you can cheat on her because you are sick and your mind is corrupted, and if shes a bitch you can call her a heartless cunt that doesnt have any sympathy for the sick. If you end up falling for her after sick months make some dumb story how you got a transplant or some sort of Chinese VooDoo medicine, if not just dont answer the phone and get a friend to call her to tell her you passed away
 #47926  by cunnalingus
 Mon May 01, 2017 1:13 pm
Or you could just take a jump in a tailings pond for a mine and get cancer. You'll lose weight and get some pity sex. As long as your wiener doesn't fall off. Good luck