• If You Want To Voice Your Complaints Or Concerns About The Comments, Here's Your Soap Box.

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Have a question, concern about the site? Post it here!
 #58990  by RoboDuck
 Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:47 pm
yeah youre right you guys can do whatever you want with this site. but that fucked comment section has been here since the dawn of time itself, and even YOU pepperpeanut cant deny that its funny reading some of those shit comments. and now you all have taken it away. youve taken away the only thing that gave meaning to this site. its not the stolen videos from other websites, or the chatroom that never has ANYONE in it, or even the stupid "e-bones".

it has been, and always will have been, the fucked up random comment section where people could act like total jackasses in a world where inhibiting your chaotic mind is expected.

~ The Breakfast Club

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Re: If you want to voice your complaints on concerns about the comments, here's your soap box.
PepperPeanut wrote:
Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:39 am
Don_Shitter wrote:
Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:36 am
PepperPeanut, no one gives a shit about the fucking comments. People look at ebaums features through Facebook mostly, no one goes to the actual website to log in just to comment. Untwist your panties already.
See that's where you're wrong. The majority of the traffic to the site itself, and the comments are consistently one of the most hated parts of the site.

People do care about the comments. We constantly get complaints about them.
have these complaints done ANYTHING to stop traffic flow to this site over the years? my guess is probably not. no one is going to stop coming to a website because their stupid voices arent being heard in the comments. they come here to watch funny and wacky videos. people complain all the time, you should know that more than anyone else.

obviously we're complaining about this issue but thats only because thats what this forum is for and weve been here before all those complainers! theyre just sheep anyway! they dont matter! they still come here!
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