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Have a question, concern about the site? Post it here!
 #53757  by IdiotsSuck
 Tue Jun 13, 2017 12:15 pm
Fuck You Ebaumsworld. Censorship is wrong. You post reasons comments are deleted but you delete them even when they don't violate your terms. You certainly don't respond to emails asking why comments were deleted when they did not violate your terms. You are just a bunch of ****** ass pansy liberal douche bags living in you moms basement. Go suck a dick you fucking homo pricks. Long live Free speech. Fuck you liberal assholes. People like you are the reason Americans are refusing to remain the Silent Majority and why your liberal assfucking ways are being overturned. Common sense will return to the country. In the mean time suffer under Trump...the guy YOU put in office with your fascist ways. Oh Yeah, Fuck Off
 #53935  by nekros
 Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:07 pm
I used to mod the ebaums chat when it was on Userplane. Things were pretty crazy back then. Now I can't even make a few off the cuff, yet PG rated, comments without getting "banned" for somewhere in the ballpark of 24 hrs. Some of the on topic comments are offensive, vulgar, juvenile and also funny.

You really need to find a balance if you want to maintain a click stream here. Let people have fun. That's what this site has always been about. I've never hopped on ebaums to be in a safe place. I come here to get weirded out, have a good laugh, and escape from this ridiculously politically correct world. Now here isn't even safe and I refuse to walk on eggshells because while I may go off the reservation on a few comments, non of them are personal, meant to dig at anyone or would be considered any more offensive than most of the material in here.

I'll always come here for the laughs but what a mod has done to me really left me sour.

-Erik Schmidt aka Nekros
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