• I may have found the location of a real buried treasure (and there are 9 more out there)

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If it doesn't fit in another forum, chances are it belongs here.
 #105139  by dropofahat
 Fri Feb 23, 2018 6:35 pm
So I was watching "Expedition Unknown", as one does when one has kids and no night life to speak of, and on one episode they covered the search for plexiglass boxes that an author buried in 1981.

He wrote a book called "The Secret: A Treasure Hunt", which contained clues to the locations of the boxes, buried in parks in 12 cities in North America. In the book were 12 poems and 12 paintings which, when paired up correctly, would give you hints as to where it was buried. Inside the box was a handmade vase containing a key.

If you found one, you would contact the author and he'd exchange the key for a gem. (Altogether they totaled about $10,000 in 1981.)

One was found by teenagers in Chicago, a year after the book came out. Another was found in 2004 in Cleveland. The author died a year later.

The other 10 are still out there. Supposedly, the author's widow will still give out the gem to anyone who finds one.

I have come up with a solid theory for where the one in NYC might be buried. I can't divulge details right now - I'm going to try to get permission to dig, and if I can't, I'm probably going to dig anyway.

Will update when I either find it, or when I get arrested for trespassing and/or destruction of property.

more info:

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