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If it doesn't fit in another forum, chances are it belongs here.
 #128860  by Ronny_Slobs
 Tue Aug 28, 2018 7:42 pm
After living in my van for 2 1/2 years an old friend of 22 years offered me to share his cabin, move in with him and find work in lovely Colorado. I took him up on the offer. Bad move.

So every morning I'd get up and he would start the day off making coffee and open up facebook and start to shake his head snickering at the "idiots" in the White House, AKA Trump. Every day for about 2 hours he would complain about this and that and I would just play along, holding my breath. Well after a couple months things got to a head. I don't like to talk politics mainly because it's nothing but complaining and nothing gets accomplished doing that, but I couldn't help myself.....and so it began.

Argument after argument we had over who is correct, liberals/democrats or the republicans/Alt right. I was told "Fix news is the most trustworthy news organisation in the world". He told me I was an idiot for believing ANYTHING I ever read on the internet because I didn't do my research on it. I was told that Obama was the best President we ever had. On and on and on.

Well after shoving his cool-aid down my throat for months on end we had it out one night. And I said the vicious words "Obama was the worst President we ever had!" and it was quickly followed with "Alright THATS IT, YOUR OUT OF HERE!!!" He then asked me when I wanted to leave and before he even finished his sentence I said "First thing tomorrow morning" - as if it was even a question.

During these months at the tail end of it I told him time and time again that I simply wasn't even interested in "talking" about politics ( AKA listen to him bitch, cry and complain about Trump and how he's going to destroy the US ) because I simply had no interest in it. He ignored me and kept the conversation going and accusing me of shit, asking me "You don't think Trump is going to fuck the entire USA over, your all for him aren't you?". I would go right for the throat and ask " Dude, really? So you think I wan't more establishment cucks like HRC and Nancy Peloski for example? You know, the dumb cunt who says we have to pass a bill first to see what's inside in order for us to see if we like it or not? (Then does her routine closed eye smile)"
Know what he said? "Oh she's just wacky". Wacky....the state of California is fucking wacky. Fuck me.

Anyhow he felt bad for me and the next morning ask me if I was alright. I said I was as I packed my shit and he left. Comes back with $1,700 cash. Hummmm, time to set up a Hotel room! That I did. He dropped me off in Denver, an hours ride without saying a word to each other, and I took that $1,700 and partied me ass off for two weeks. Then I was out on the street living under a bridge. Quite the downgrade form my Van life but I survived. Long enough to make it into a rehab. Next thing you know I'm camping in the mountains eating steaks and vegetables, going on hikes and having a blast.
Had to go through a bunch of AA meetings and I turned out liking them a lot.

5 1/2 later I'm still sober, have a full time yob making $2000 a month. VOA pays for everything so I'm banking a shit ton of money. Life is good. If anyone of you guys or gals have any single Grand Mothers tell'em to hit me up on my PM here on Ebaums world forum, thanks in advance.
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 #128873  by Ronny_Slobs
 Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:54 pm
Well I guess getting shitty faced drunk every night MIGHT have had something to do with it. Mind you he's a full time pot smoker and drinks on occasion. This was nothing new however and neither was his political shinanigin's, just never this intense because he was a full on Hillary supporter. I can kind of understand where he was coming from, his pick lost, but he tried to convert me into a die hard liberal. This guy LOVED the Prime Minister of Canada for instance. "Oh, he's GREAT for Canada, did you see how he respected the people of India by wearing their tradition clothing?" - fuck me. Then goes on to tell me how Germany's work force will kill it and the economy will prosper with all the immigrants *cough "Refugees" cough* coming to make a better life for themselves. I don't know, I just never got into politics that much nor would I ever try to convince anyone to my way of thinking let alone kick them out of my house for their beliefs. On top of that I don't think I could ever talk about any subject for over 2 hours let alone the same subject every day bitching, crying and complaining about it.

And fuck you, we can't even have mouthwash here, it sets the breathalizer off and then they kick you out into the cold.
So ummm, any single grandmothers.....guys?
 #128880  by Ronny_Slobs
 Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:24 pm
First off my van was WAAAaaaaay better then THAT POS. And I could only hope that I could park down by the river every night. I parked in a parking lot with cops knocking on my door every other week asking me what I was doing in there lol. Cop comes up to my window, I'm on Tiny Chat, on my 5th shots of Vodka, JUST about to smoke a bowl, and he asks me wtf I'm doing here. I'm all like "oh, I'm security". He looks around my van with his light and says "Your living in your van". I'm all like "Oh yeah, and that too" lol. I then tell him to look behind him and see the extention cord coming from the building leading up to my closed driver side window. He takes a look and asks "You got any ID?". "ABSOLUTLEY OFFICER, MY WALLET'S RIGHT HERE". Give it to him, and as he's walking away I take a sip of Vodka..... He comes back and says "Ok, you check out, mind if I pull up front to speed trap cars?". "Sure thing officer, nail'em!" . Continued to get high and drink myself to sleep.
 #128887  by joecaca
 Tue Aug 28, 2018 11:24 pm
You sound like a dumb hick but, irl, to me that’s not a big deal. I have plenty of hick friends that I love dearly. I’m sure I could go out and buy you a beer and it would be fun. Hell I’ll buy you all the booze you want. I know it must be hard living on 2k a month in this day and age. I’m happy that you used « alt right » instead of conservative. It’s always better to be honest with that shit. And for the van thing, if I didn’t have a family I would probably do a road trip in a van for a couple of months around Canada and the US. I wouldn’t go to Mexico because I like living.
 #128892  by kocher
 Wed Aug 29, 2018 4:06 am
That'd be a pretty good game show. Bring on someone withholding their political affiliation and the homeowner has to figure it out within a week or the contestant goes back to scrounging by on government assistance. Most Trumpers would get discovered right away by the scent of stale piss though.
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 #129029  by Ronny_Slobs
 Thu Aug 30, 2018 3:50 pm
Its all too funny that you posted a picture of a motor home. By the grace of God I lucky and blessed with the deal of the century. I picked up a 1987 Toyoda Dolphin with 175,000 miles on it for only $2000!!! Wait till I post photos. This thing looks like it hasn't been used since it was made. The engine looks fantastic. Brand new tires. Been looking around for the past 6 months. Thinga like this go for around $25,000-$35,000 easy. Shit, I could easily sell it for $10,000 and make 8K profit but I plan on taking this mofo all over the country and living a nomad life here in a bit.