• So I bought a new bicycle yesterday

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If it doesn't fit in another forum, chances are it belongs here.
 #129070  by Ronny_Slobs
 Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:08 pm
Yeah. Go to this pawn shop and man, so many beautiful bikes,, tons of them too. I'm looking around and the owner asks hoe he can help me. I say I'm interested in buying a used bicycle. I said how much for this one? He says "Oh no sir, these are customers bikes to be repaired, we have a show room over in this room". I go into this room and look around. He had about 20 bikes. All were used and looked it. Rust spots all over, bent shit on them. The cheapest one was $314!!! Over three hundred for a rusty piece of shit. He comes in "See anything your interested in?" I'm all like "Nah man everything looks great right where it is". I bounce and go outside, bust out my phone and say loud enough "Google, how much are mountain bikes on sale at Wal-mart?" ( 99$ sale , last day on a 26'' mountain bike - men's. Then "Google, what is the number for Walmart near Central Station in Lakewood"? This dude looks at me like I'm the devil lol. Talk to the guy in Bike department "Hello sir, you have any Hyper Tracker26's left? YES!?! THAT'S AWESOME, save one for me, I'll be there in 40 minutes!". I could feel the owner staring at me and in my peripheral vision I can see him with his hands on his hips hahahaha.

Yeah, I go to Wall-mart and buy a brand new kick ass bike, level 5 bike lock and a new back pack. Total cost? $160.00 even. Now I'm all for supporting the local guys and love small business but that rape artists can go fuck himself.

That's all.