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 #117662  by Vegan4Life
 Thu May 17, 2018 7:29 pm
Jocelyn Wildenstein files for BANKRUPTCY and claims she has no savings or stock and begs pals for cash 'after squandering her $2.5BILLION divorce settlement'

Jocelyn Wildenstein filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this month in federal court, just 19 years after pocketing $2.5 billion in her divorce

The socialite has no checking or savings accounts, has not invested in any stocks or bonds and set up no retirement or pensions funds she claims in the filing

Wildenstein values her wardrobe of furs and luxury bags at $1,000 and says her jewelry is worthless months after getting a 32-carat diamond ring

Her total personal property is valued at $16,386,100 and largely comprised of her apartment and the $4.5 million she has yet to receive from her divorce

That amount exceeds the $6,380,080 she claims to owe her 16 creditors, but she stated that she wanted to file Chapter 11 to avoid liquidation of her assets

An voluntary petition was filed against Wildenstein by three of her creditors in April, including the Board of Managers at Trump World Tower




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